Monday, August 11, 2008

Lets start this thing

OK, now if 3 jobs, a girlfriend, 3 years worth of backed up side projects, and a website under perpetual construction wasn't enough to deal with, here is a new thing to add on the pile, a blog. One of the things I said I'd never get into. Thanks Linh, you broke me. Hope you're happy >:P

I've got a workshop in New Zealand I'm going to ( ) in November so I'll be spending nearly everyday working on my speed scuplting skills from now till Nov. 11th and posting all stuffs up on dis, will hopefully get some crits from those others who are doing dis excercise and maybe get to buist out some decent portfolio work. Cheers Fuckers! This is gonna be grand.

1 comment:

DNguyen said...

Mwahahahaaa!!! I got you to make your blog!!!